Single Color Led Strips custom lengths

$ 6.00

Product Information
Now you can buy our Hi-Power Single-Color LED strips for your own application! These are custom designed and will light up your project with an intense amount of light! The strips also feature a white coating to maximize the amount of light that gets reflected back into your object! These strips have multiple segments that can be cut every two inches (5cm) and have 3 LEDs per segment (60 LEDs/meter). SOLD IN 6" LENGTHS (15cm) up to 36" long.

For bulk LED strips longer than 36 inches (0.9m), see the BULK LED STRIPS listing.

If you're looking for full-color, check out our  RGB LED strips!

Colors available: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow (orange), Pink, And White.
You can also add a pre-wired connector, and add a power supply to plug straight into the wall.